“SolidProfessor provides our team with a quick, easy reference tool to answer design challenges”

– Linda Zinn

In the following case study we talk with Linda Zinn at FlightSafety International about how SolidProfessor has helped her engineering team improve their design skills.

“Our facility manufactures flight simulators for our own training facilities as well as military and commercial contracts. The people that work here cover everything from designing the machines and equipment to building and manufacturing the hardware, resulting in some of the most sophisticated flight simulators in the world.”


“We had a number of users that requested training for SOLIDWORKS; these requests had been mounting over the last two years. We needed something cost efficient where we’d get a return on our investment. We were ramping up internally to hire new designers and needed a method to provide these new users who may not be familiar with SOLIDWORKS a way to get up to speed and standardize skills and practices across our team. Our PLM Support Group Lead, Doug Boone, found SolidProfessor. We determined that it would be a great fit for our needs and signed our team up for SolidProfessor Enterprise.”


“SolidProfessor provides us with training for a wide range of skill levels from brand new users who have never even seen SOLIDWORKS, up through the experienced users who helped us adopt the software in the first place.”

“SolidProfessor has done a great job; it’s been very easy to use. We haven’t even had to contact support because the online learning platform is so user friendly. SolidProfessor provides our team with a quick, easy reference tool to answer design challenges. It also helps solve problems and provides insight into best practices without having to interrupt a co-worker or pull a manager into an engineering huddle.”