“SolidProfessor gives our team a method to re-orientate themselves on what they’ve forgotten, and also allows them to pick up best practices and new design techniques along the way”

– Wayne Schafer

In the following case study we hear from Wayne Schafer from Kawasaki about how SolidProfessor Enterprise helped his team improve their skills and maximize their investment in SOLIDWORKS.

“To the average person on the street, when you hear the name Kawasaki, you’ll probably think of motorcycles or possibly ATV’s, but Kawasaki is actually much more diverse than that. We make boats, tractors, aerospace equipment – we even help make the mine sweepers used by the United States Armed Forces abroad. At our particular facility, however, we have two focuses: rail cars and consumer products. Our rail car division produces mass transit solutions for large cities, like New York and Washington D.C., while our consumer products division makes recreational utility vehicles like the Kawasaki Mule, a versatile work vehicle used by maintenance and parks and recreation departments, and also personal watercraft like jetskis.”


“About six years ago, our rail car division got their first seats of SOLIDWORKS. Over the next couple years, the consumer products division began helping them produce designs. We decided it made sense to adopt SOLIDWORKS across both teams, making it easier to communicate the information back and forth. Nobody in our group had any formal training in SOLIDWORKS, and we needed a way to get our team and future hires up to speed quickly with the software. We didn’t want to send everyone out to classroom training; the travel and out-of-office time was cost prohibitive. I ran across SolidProfessor, and it appeared to be a perfect fit for our needs.”


“We researched a couple other online training options alongside SolidProfessor, but as soon as I completed my online tour I knew that SolidProfessor was the right decision for my team. The videos were not long and drawn out, which is great because we engineers sometimes have short attention spans. SolidProfessor presents the topics in concise chunks, making it much easier to consume. I’ve also found that when someone on my team gets pulled away from SolidProfessor, it’s easier for them to dive back in where they left off.”

“SOLIDWORKS has a tremendous command and function base, it’s very versatile. In fact, you can do so many things with SOLIDWORKS that it’s not really possible to retain everything by memory. If, for example, you haven’t worked with Sheet Metal for a few weeks, you find that when you need to tackle a Sheet Metal project, you’re less familiar with the tools you seldom use. SolidProfessor gives our team a method to re-orientate themselves on what they’ve forgotten, and also allows them to pick up best practices and new design techniques along the way.”

“SolidProfessor has helped our team improve design intent. With a better understanding of the tools, they know how to apply them more efficiently to create their designs. We hire a lot of people fresh out of the local university; we’re in a college town, after all. Most of our engineering interns, as well as our new hires that come out of the local campus, have typically been exposed to SOLIDWORKS only on a really limited scale. SolidProfessor allows us to provide the new users with a customized learning path that focuses in on the most important skills, helping to smooth the transition into their job.”

“One feature I really like about SolidProfessor is that I can set up my own course of training videos built around the concepts that I think are most important to new people joining our team, instead of giving them access to the whole platform and saying ‘have at it.’ It’s a more targeted approached and the results speak for themselves. Another notable benefit is the update guides. SolidProfessor keeps the content current so that my team can stay on top of new features and get the most out of our design software. The Composer Course was very helpful to me personally. I had seen some demos, but I had no idea how to go about getting started, to set something up for the first time. SolidProfessor was instrumental in getting me up to speed.”