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Increase productivity with on-demand search capabilities that help you find answers to your design challenges quickly.

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Quickly and easily learn the skills you need to acquire key software certifications with SolidProfessor’s certification prep courses.

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Make the most out of your software investment by staying up to date on the latest capabilities.

New users begin with SolidProfessor’s comprehensive learning paths to create a foundation of best practices. You’ll see rapid improvement with targeted courses that provide a linear learning experience from industry experts. Our lessons are self-paced so you can go at your own speed and review lessons as needed.

  • Concept-based video tutorials help you understand the principles behind the latest software functions and apply best practices to all of your work.


  • Hands-on exercises help you apply what you’ve learned to real-world projects, thus improving retention.


  • Powerful search capabilities give you quick answers to your questions.


  • Personalized learning platform assesses your current skill level to create a tailored training program that helps you fill knowledge gaps.


Experienced users develop their skills and increase productivity with SolidProfessor’s advanced courses and on-demand reference tool. There is always more to learn; many experienced designers become focused in specific areas and miss important new capabilities and time-saving tools. SolidProfessor helps keep you on the cutting edge of your design software.

  • Targeted update guides help you stay current with your software’s latest capabilities.


  • Access time-saving tips to increase your level of productivity.


  • Learn new capabilities with concise advanced lessons to take on new challenges.


  • Quick Search capabilities provide an on-demand reference tool to refresh your memory and get you back to your project quickly.


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 Concise, relevant lessons improve design skills quickly while increasing productivity

 Powerful search capabilities give you quick answers to your questions

 Targeted update guides help you stay current on your software’s latest capabilities

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SolidProfessor Success Stories

“I am impressed with the actual quality of the content and how well the concepts work with instructional design. The teaching methodology is very well thought out.”

Benjamin Reed,
RFID Research Technologist

“We have reviewed the available training suites and have found that SolidProfessor delivers the highest value to our students. Each student will have their own copy of SolidProfessor which will provide them with an outstanding resource in developing their engineering abilities.”

David Beach,

“Within the first hour of watching the SolidProfessor courses, I was amazed to find out that I was actually able to draw a basic sketch, extrude the sketch, and then rotate it.”

Ernesto Mosqueda,
Outside Mechanist

“I found it exponentially easier to follow videos from SolidProfessor than the examples in the printed exam guides when preparing for my CSWA.”

Ed Norberg,
Mechanical Design Engineer

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