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SolidProfessor helps educators leverage technology to prepare future designers and engineers. We work closely with leading STEM education programs like Project Lead The Way and The STEM Academy to address STEM initiatives and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). As an instructor, you can choose to quickly and easily implement our industry-leading curriculum or you can build your own from our extensive library. Our instructor tools and course customization platform make it easy for you to manage your courses.

Top Universities around the world – from MIT to Auckland University of Technology – have implemented SolidProfessor into their curriculum. We provide the resources that engineering and design students need to understand and utilize the tools of their trade along with a clear path toward certification to help them successfully enter the job market. SolidProfessor has been instrumental in assisting college and university educators to prepare their students by helping them master design software applications. Instead of spending the majority of your time answering CAD “picks and clicks” questions for students, SolidProfessor provides dedicated learning resources outside of class so that you can focus on engaging students during class time. Software evolves quickly and textbooks become outdated almost immediately. SolidProfessor is always up-to-date and provides a video-based learning experience to keep your students engaged. Help your students keep their education costs down by applying for the SolidProfessor Technology Grant Program today!

To engage students and community members from a broad range of backgrounds and learning styles, educators need tools to help individualize curriculum. Support your diverse classes with industry-leading engineering learning resources that allow students to progress at their own pace. With a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced, make the most out of your limited class time through SolidProfessor’s video-based tutorials and hands-on lessons. Prepare your students for certification and help them succeed in the workforce. Make the most out of your resources by applying for the SolidProfessor Technology Grant today!

When you are introducing students to engineering and design for the first time, you need a resource you can trust to inspire your students. We focus on fundamentals and foundational concepts that serve as the building blocks to prepare students for more advanced engineering courses in high school. SolidProfessor’s interactive, video-based curriculum leverages the best technologies and teaching methodologies to create an engaging learning experience for middle school students. SolidProfessor not only helps your students learn design software, but also serves as a professional development tool for educators to guide your own training. Make the most out of a tight budget and limited resources by applying for the SolidProfessor Technology Grant today!

Students on robotics and design teams are asked to accomplish a lot within a very short period of time – create a design, build, test, and complete! Since skills and experience within teams vary, effective training material can make a big difference. Often team leaders are volunteers, so making the most out of the time you have available is key. SolidProfessor works with teams in First Robotics Competition, SkillsUSA, and others to ensure that talented and enthusiastic students have the resources they need to engage, discover, and learn. Through SolidProfessor, less experienced team members can get up to speed quickly while motivated members can further improve their skills. When working together, SolidProfessor’s Quick Search tool allows the team to get answers quickly and continue their design. Make the most out of a tight budget and limited resources by applying for the SolidProfessor Technology Grant today!

How It Works

SolidProfessor for Schools

 Instant setup, nothing to install or configure

 Web-based, responsive platform lets students learn from anywhere, on any device

 Measure your students’ current skill level and track improvement

 Concise lessons maintain students’ attention

 Powerful search capabilities give your students quick answers to their questions

 Integrate SolidProfessor into your current learning management system

Dedicated Customer Success Manager ensures your class’s success

SolidProfessor Technology Grants

Our Technology Grant Program provides schools with an opportunity to leverage industry-leading curriculum and training material at only a fraction of the commercial price.

Meet Megan

Megan works with educators to help you integrate SolidProfessor into your curriculum. Once you get started with SolidProfessor, Megan will reach out to guide you through creating assignments, assigning tests, and tracking your student’s progress.

“The best part of my job is knowing that my partnerships with instructors help provide high quality, engaging STEM instruction to thousands of students.”

– Megan Davidson

SolidProfessor Success Stories

“SolidProfessor really levels the playing field; students at the average level and up use SolidProfessor to go beyond where they are able to go with just the course requirements, while the students who are struggling use SolidProfessor for the extra support they need.”
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John Larson,

“SolidProfessor has always been easy to work with… SolidProfessor actually asked me about my needs and took the time to understand the challenges I face as an instructor, which means a lot and made a difference.”
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Chris Malone,
Drafting and CAD Instructor

“With SolidProfessor, I don’t feel like a customer – I feel like a partner. I enjoy the relationship with SolidProfessor where we can bounce ideas back and forth and things aren’t ruled out.”
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Mark Conner,
Engineering Teacher

“Students love the content; they are very engaged. I thought it would be tough to get through all the material we had scheduled in our 16 week class, but it turns out that we are breezing through it because of SolidProfessor! The students are just learning faster.”
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Darren Willis,
Industrial Technology Instructor