“I’ve absolutely seen an increase in my students’ quality of work”

– Chris Malone

Paris Junior College is an open door community college meeting the educational and cultural needs of all students and citizens of Paris, Greenville, & Sulphur Springs, Texas. Paris Junior College is a dynamic, comprehensive community college that advances the education of students while strengthening the economic, social and cultural life of their diverse community. In the following case study we speak with Chris Malone, Drafting and Computer Aided Design Instructor at Paris Junior College, about the challenges he faces as a CAD/CAM & BIM instructor, and how SolidProfessor has helped him achieve his goals for his courses.


“The goal of our Mechanical Engineering courses is to establish a good base of SolidWorks skills to prepare our students for an entry level position when they graduate. It’s important for students to learn proper design intent and best practices of the software.”

“Our Construction oriented courses focus on establishing knowledge about creating construction documents, using data from the field, such as site surveys, and importing data into the software to make maps, profiles and modify their designs.”

“Textbooks are too expensive and my students aren’t using them like they used to. I’ve seen student engagement and participation fall off. The textbooks only apply to a small area of topics that I need to cover, so the students end up spending a lot of money on books that ultimately didn’t cover everything they needed.”


“I like SolidProfessor because it keeps the students hands-on and engaged, prepares them for industry certification, and builds the foundational skills they need in CAD/CAM or BIM. I found that SolidProfessor was easy to setup, and also made it easy to transition from one instructor to the next. It reduced the burden on us as instructors by covering so much material in a single place. It helps me better prepare for class, since I can implement new concepts into my courses much more easily now. I can blend in SolidProfessor content into my existing curricula, regardless of which CAD/CAM or BIM course I’m teaching with their expansive library of topics.”

“I remember looking at a couple of different options, but in the end I chose SolidProfessor because the quality of the materials really stood out from whatever else was out there. SolidProfessor has always been easy to work with, and if I had a question or needed help with something, someone from SolidProfessor was always available to quickly resolve the issue, allowing me to stay focused on teaching.”

“SolidProfessor actually asked me about my needs and took the time to understand the challenges I face as an instructor, which means a lot and made a difference.”


“The fact that SolidProfessor content is so well organized makes a huge difference for my students. I’ve absolutely seen an increase in my students’ quality of work. Not only that, but I‘d also say their efficiency in working with the software is about 200% better since we’ve implemented SolidProfessor. Not all of my students learn well by reading a book, so the fact they can watch and listen to a video lesson that tells them exactly how to do it makes a huge impact in their learning epxerience.”

“The support I’ve gotten from the SolidProfessor team is amazing. They are always there if I need something, and I usually have my questions answered in a matter of minutes, which is quite the opposite of other companies I’ve worked with. It really makes it a pleasure to work with SolidProfessor. If I had to choose one thing that SolidProfessor has helped me with the most in my courses, it would be the ability to cover so much more in my classes because of the broad and thorough library of content available to me and my students. That has had a big impact on the outcomes of my classes. Thanks SolidProfessor!”