SolidProfessor Testimonials

“SolidProfessor has successfully raised the level of knowledge for my users and raised the bar overall. Instead of relying on me for answers, they can search for a video in SolidProfessor and stay on task.”
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Andy Payne,
Sr. Mechanical Designer

“SolidProfessor makes everyone in our team more efficient at their job. They’re able to produce higher volumes without sacrificing quality.”
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Mike Spicer,
Senior Mechanical Designer

“SolidProfessor actually asked me about my needs and took the time to understand the challenges I face as an instructor, which means a lot and made a difference.”
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Chris Malone,
Drafting and CAD Instructor

“We have reviewed the available training suites and have found that SolidProfessor delivers the highest value to our students. Each student will have their own copy of SolidProfessor which will provide them with an outstanding resource in developing their engineering abilities.”

David Beach

“I really enjoy SolidProfessor and have learned a lot about the program to help facilitate my job function. Overall I have gotten a lot of benefit from watching the tutorials and working along with the programs.”

Jameson Fitzpatrick

“I found it exponentially easier to follow videos from SolidProfessor than the examples in the printed exam guides when preparing for my CSWA.”

Ed Norberg

“WOW! I’m very impressed with how thorough SolidProfessor is! I’m very excited to finally have a method to get back up to speed with SolidWorks. Thank you SolidProfessor!”

Jack Ulstad

“I got introduced to SolidProfessor at a SOLIDWORKS rollout event, and I hadn’t seen anything that captured everything  into instructional videos so well before. The polish of the product made it stand out from the other options we looked at.”
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Jonas Blankenship,
CAD Administrator

“SolidProfessor provides me with support that I can’t get anywhere else. With SolidProfessor I’m able to ensure that all of my students end up on the same page at the end of class.”
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Lynda Pickett,

“I recently purchased SolidProfessor a couple of months ago, and this has been the best financial investment I have ever made on a software product. The software package allows me to understand why I am doing specific steps, rather than memorizing steps. Thank you for making outstanding products to help accelerate the learning curve on engineering software.”

Lamar McFarland

“SolidProfessor creates an environment where the students can excel beyond the realms of our time constraints and personal knowledge of SolidWorks software and allows us the ability to focus on questions that pertain to the engineering side of our curriculum. It really is like having another teacher in the classroom. Ok… sometimes like having a few extra teachers in the classroom.”

Will Alexander

“I have been with Boston Scientific in Costa Rica for over 8 years and am the person everyone comes to when they have a question on SolidWorks or EPDM. I encourage everyone that has an account to use SolidProfessor if they ever get into trouble defining something. The videos are quick and allows users to learn topics in a short period of time. SolidProfessor is a very good tool and is very helpful.”

Luis Parra

“Build season ended a couple weeks ago and we’re preparing to go to an FRC competition this week. We’ve been looking at SolidProfessor’s SolidWorks tutorials and are very impressed with the depth and breadth of videos. We are currently working to develop a curriculum using the SolidProfessor tutorial tailored to our specific robotics team of 45, and hope to use this curriculum to teach new members CAD in the years to come.”

FIRST_horzMatthew Mellea,
Co-Captain of Team #4904

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