• “SolidProfessor provides me with support that I can’t get anywhere else. With SolidProfessor I’m able to ensure that all of my students end up on the same page at the end of class.”

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    Lynda Pickett
    Professor, Chattanooga State Community College

  • “SolidProfessor has successfully raised the level of knowledge for my users and raised the bar overall. Instead of relying on me for answers, they can search for a video in SolidProfessor and stay on task.”   View Case Study >>


    Andy Payne
    Senior Mechanical Designer, AccuTemp

  • “SolidProfessor makes everyone in our team more efficient in their job, they’re able to produce in higher volumes without sacrificing quality.”   View Case Study >>


    Mike Spicer
    Senior Mechanical Designer, Kavlico

  • “I got introduced to SolidProfessor at a SOLIDWORKS rollout event and I hadn’t seen anything that captured everything so well into instructional videos before. The polish of your product made it stand out from the other options we looked at.”  View Case Study >>


    Jonas Blankenship
    CAD Administrator, Zodiac Pools

  • We have reviewed the available training suites and have found that SolidProfessor delivers the highest value to our students. Each student will have their own copy of SolidProfessor which will provide them with an outstanding resource in developing their engineering abilities.


    David Beach
    Stanford University

SolidProfessor is the Leader in Enterprise, Classroom and Individual CAD, CAM and BIM Education

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