“SolidProfessor has significantly improved our team’s efficiency”

– Jonas Blankenship

Zodiac is a global manufacturer of differentiated pool and spa products. With a rich heritage of innovation, Zodiac uses their expansive product line to deliver the most technologically-advanced, energy efficient, durable and reliable products available.

Jonas Blankenship, CAD Administrator at Zodiac Pools, implemented SolidProfessor Enterprise to maximize their SolidWorks investment and increase design proficiency across his team. In the following case study, we hear from Jonas how SolidProfessor helped Zodiac Pools achieve their goals.


“We needed a way to ensure that our employees are staying on top of the design software. SolidWorks is expensive, so we wanted to maximize our ROI. It’s a complicated product, and they’re constantly releasing new features and updates, so we needed to give our designers a tool that would allow them to stay on the cutting edge. The main reason we were looking for a professional development tool was to keep pushing our employees forward, so that they’re constantly expanding their knowledge and capabilities, allowing us to further improve our industry leading design services.”

Jonas went on to say “we also needed something that would allow us to create benchmarks, and it needed to be easy to get in and get out without interrupting our workflow. Finally, we wanted a method to test and measure our team’s skills improvement.”


“I got introduced to SolidProfessor at a SolidWorks rollout event, and I hadn’t seen anything that captured everything into instructional videos so well before. The polish of the product made it stand out from the other options we looked at.”

“Classroom training is more of a crash course; it’s costly and the burden is on the learner to take notes and then try to apply what they learned once they come back to work. SolidProfessor allows our team to learn while they’re designing, so if they run into an obstacle they can look up a solution and get right back to work. Whether they need to relearn functionality or just quickly refresh on best practices, SolidProfessor is always there. The Update Training course has been really helpful for us as it allows us to ensure that we’re maximizing our SolidWorks investment.”


“SolidProfessor has significantly improved our team’s efficiency within SolidWorks. They’re much more comfortable using different tools, shortcuts, mouse gestures, hot-keys, etc. Even employees that have been working with SolidWorks for years are picking up these time savers and gaining efficiency.”

“The biggest benefit, however, is our ability to identify a ‘benchmark’ of where our employees are right now. We can then set goals and assign lessons so that they can improve. We then use the reporting tools to track their progress through the learning paths to measure their retention and skills improvement.”