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Through our Content Author Program, talented industry experts are able to take their vast knowledge and turn it into amazing learning experiences for our members. By partnering with subject matter experts across many industries, our members benefit from the most relevant, valuable information.

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These are the brilliant minds behind some of SolidProfessor’s most successful courses

Tadeh AvetianTadeh Avetian,
Director of Engineering, L.A. Turbine

Tadeh is the Director of Engineering of LA Turbine. Prior to this position, he was one of the first 50 employees at Hyperloop One, as a Senior Mechanical Engineer responsible for simulating 3D vehicle dynamics and was heavily involved in many structural analysis problems, primarily using ANSYS for FEA. In his spare time, he writes FEA code in FORTRAN on a custom built Linux machine.


Principles of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

 Lessons: 28     Duration: 1h 48m     Technical Certificates: 1

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Amen JliliAmen Jlili,
Founder, CADHero Consulting

Amen is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP-2-3), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Sheet Metal (CSWPA-SM), and a SOLIDWORKS API expert. He is currently the managing consultant of CADHero, an engineering consultancy that provides industrial companies with SOLIDWORKS design automation services and training.



 Lessons: 31    Duration: 2h 12m     Technical Certificates: 1

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Brentan AlexanderBrentan Alexander,
Founder & CEO, Swift Calcs

Brentan is the founder and CEO of SwiftCals. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).

Swift Calcs

Introduction to Swift Calcs

 Lessons: 29    Duration: 1h 45m     Technical Certificates: 1

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Nick KloskiNick Kloski,
Co-Founder, HoneyPoint3D

Nick is co-founder of HoneyPoint3D, an award winning 3D printing and rapid prototyping company. Nick has taught over 7,000 people about 3D modeling and 3D design. Nick is also co-author of Maker Media’s “Getting Started with 3D Printing,” which is currently Amazon’s #1 seller in 3D printing and graphic design categories.

3D Printing

Introduction to 3D Printing

 Lessons: 27    Duration: 2h 4m     Technical Certificates: 1

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Introduction to Meshmixer | Meshmixer Essentials | Sculpting in Meshmixer | Editing 3D Scans in Meshmixer | Creating 3D Models from Photographs | Meshmixer for Kids | Custom Figurines in Meshmixer

 Lessons: 234     Duration: 20h 40m     Technical Certificates: 7

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Dr Anna HaywoodDr. Anna Haywood,
Engineering Instructor, Arizona State University

Dr. Haywood holds three degrees in engineering – a B.S.E. in electrical, an M.S. in bioengineering, and a PhD in mechanical engineering. She has taught and conducted research at Arizona State University, as well as several other colleges in Arizona. Much of her research has been completed using MATLAB. She teaches an introductory course in MATLAB at the university and local colleges, both in person and online.


Introduction to MATLAB | MATLAB Essentials | MATLAB Advanced Concepts

 Lessons: 108     Duration: 5h 53m    Technical Certificates: 3

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Fred FulkersonFred Fulkerson,
Professor, Conestoga College

Fred has been a teacher at Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada for the last 10 years. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a machinist for a little over 10 years. During his last five years as a machinist, Fred designed and made special purpose machines, jigs and fixtures, mainly for the automotive industry.


Mill 2D | Mill 3D | Lathe | 4 Axis

 Lessons: 191     Duration: 8h 21m     Technical Certificates: 4

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Mark LyonsMark Lyons,
Sr. Client Representative, HTi

Mark is a consultant for manufacturing companies, assisting them with their engineering software needs. He spent eight years on the DraftSight team at Dassault Systemes, starting as a Training Specialist before moving up to Product Manager. He also spent time teaching Computer-Aided Drafting at a technical high school in Massachusetts and was a Sr. Mechanical Designer for Bose Corp., the world’s number one loudspeaker manufacturer.


Introduction to DraftSight | DraftSight Essentials

 Lessons: 122    Duration: 4h 18m     Technical Certificates: 2

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Brian ParrelliBrian Parrelli,
Principal Aerodynamicist, L.A. Turbine

Brian is a Lead Aerodynamic Design Engineer at LA Turbine and a Turbomachinery Consultant at Aerojet Rocketdyne. With over nine years experience in turbo machinery as well as experience in aerospace, oil, gas, and energy sectors, Brian earned his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, specializing in Fluid Dynamics, from UCLA.


Introduction to ANSYS CFX

 Lessons: 42     Duration: 1h 27m     Technical Certificates: 1

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