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Luxion Advanced Lighting Technology
“The more software packages I can be familiar with, the more valuable I am to my employer.”
– Will Gibbons



By day, Will Gibbons is a software trainer at Luxion, Inc., and by night, he freelances as a design consultant, creating anything from concepts to models, renderings or products.



With such a busy professional life, Will looks for tools to help him be as productive as possible. “As a designer, I’m always seeking new software to make my life easier. The quicker I can work in a 3D program, the more it becomes an enabler for creative output rather than a hurdle. I travel with a Macbook Pro for work, and after stumbling upon Fusion 360, I wanted to become proficient in the software. A quick search led me to the SolidProfessor website, which had the kind of tutorials I was looking for. As far as the online aspect, I enjoy the convenience of being able to access tutorials whenever and wherever I want.”



Will used SolidProfessor to learn Fusion 360 from the ground up. “Not long ago, I was completely new to Autodesk’s Fusion 360. I wanted to learn the program though, and the tutorials on SolidProfessor were plenty to get me up and running.”

Now, Will is proficient even in advanced Fusion 360 capabilities. “Once I began creating larger multi-component assemblies in Fusion 360, I relied on SolidProfessor to explain how to add joints and constraints to my designs. Coming from SOLIDWORKS, I was used to a different workflow and rather than having to discover these differences on my own, it was much easier having a catalog of videos to walk me through the process.”



Using SolidProfessor as a professional development tool, Will continues to develop new skills in order to expand his expertise and increase productivity. “For me, the main benefit is being able to quickly add another tool to my bag. The more software packages I can be familiar with, the more valuable I am to my employer. The same goes for efficiency. The quicker I can build a 3D model, the more valuable I am to anyone I’m working with.”

“To have learned most of Fusion 360 in such a short period of time is something I’m proud of.”

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