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Gear Up for the New Year with 30 Days of Free CAD Training for Your Business

Dec 3 2020

What would your engineering team do with a free month of online CAD & CAM training?

For many businesses, 2020 didn’t exactly pan out as planned. It’s been a tough year full of difficult decisions. Many engineering departments have had to freeze spending, cancel in-person events, and make adjustments to working remotely or with new socially-distanced processes at work.

In the midst of all these changes, many engineering design teams have had to put CAD and CAM training on hold because training sessions and travel were canceled or the budget no longer allowed for it.

It might take a while for your business to adjust to normalcy again and generate a new training plan. But as the status quo continues to shift, we want to make sure your team keeps their design skills on track.

Stay sharp, productive, and resilient with the 2020 SolidProfessor Business Training Grant

You don’t have to forgo your CAD training for another year, or even another month, with the SolidProfessor Business Training Grant. This training grant provides 30 days of free access to our online training platform and all 7,500+ CAD, CAM, and BIM tutorials in our library.

As part of the training grant, recipients will also get free access to all SolidProfessor for Business features, including custom training tools and reporting dashboards. That way, you can quickly and easily customize your training program for new hires, refresher courses, or software update training — all for free.

Apply for free online CAD training

Who is eligible to receive free online CAD & CAM training through our business training grant?

We want to lend a hand and provide free CAD training to as many businesses as possible this year. That’s why we’ve made it incredibly simple to qualify for this training grant. Here are the guidelines:

  • Any business, large or small, can apply for the training grant.
  • This is not a government grant so businesses outside of the U.S. are welcome to apply.
  • A minimum of three users from your organization must participate in your training program through the grant. This grant is not available to individual users.
  • You must not currently be a SolidProfessor member.
  • Schools are not eligible.

How do you apply for the 2020 SolidProfessor Business Training Grant?

Submitting a grant application might sound like a tedious process, but applying for our business training grant is even easier than qualifying for it (and that’s easy, too). Here’s how our simple application and grant review process works:

  1. Visit our application page.
  2. Complete the form by 12/31/20. It only takes about five minutes!
  3. When your application is accepted, our team will get back to you within two business days to set up your team users on the SolidProfessor platform.

It’s as simple as that! If you still need more information, take a look at our training grant FAQs or send us an email at team@solidprofessor.com

Apply for the 2020 SolidProfessor Business Training Grant

Submit your application by 12/31/20 to receive free CAD, CAM, and BIM training for 30 days for your entire engineering design team.

Claire Juozitis
Claire Juozitis

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