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Straightforward Stress Analysis with SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

May 4 2018

2018 SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

Initially, when developing a part, engineers and designers focus on looks and dimensions. As the design cycle approaches production, it becomes more important for a part to be able to perform and endure real-world conditions. Quick simulations keep development and durability in mind throughout the design process. Adding simulations into your design workflow keeps you from wasting time creating a part that can’t withstand stresses.

2018 SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress – SimulationXpress Overview

SimulationXpress is included in every version of SOLIDWORKS and provides straightforward stress analysis on parts. Functionally, it’s a software wizard built into SOLIDWORKS. It guides you through defining fixtures, loads, and materials, then creates a mesh based on a couple specifications, and runs a simulation. SimulationXpress produces results for stress, displacement, deformation, and safety factors directly on the model. This gives visibility to areas that are in need of changes and optimization.

If you’re in a teaching environment, SimulationXpress is an easy and effective way to teach simulation and give students a strong grasp of design for manufacturing. You can seamlessly move from design to simulation without an extensive explanation because the wizard makes setting up simulations effortless.

2018 SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress – Applying Fixtures

In this course, you’ll follow a model through the SimulationXpress workflow, test yourself with guided exercises, and learn a couple of tricks to make your simulations more effective. If you’d like to take a deeper conceptual dive, our courses on Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics give you more background to fully understand simulations. To learn how to set up more complex simulations, our SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Flow Simulation courses will help.

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