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Task Pane Add-In For SolidWorks Now Available

Jul 25 2012

SolidProfessor members can now find their answers without ever leaving SolidWorks. Users can leverage the same powerful search capabilities as they are used to seeing in their SolidProfessor interface from within the SolidWorks task pane.

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The task pane is a lightweight application that installs as an add-in in the SolidWorks Task Pane. Once users are logged (with their SolidProfessor login and password) they can view entire courses, search for specific lessons, access the latest Ask SolidProfessor Tips and tricks videos as they are released, and watch videos without ever leaving SolidWorks.

Watch this short demo to see it in action:

task pane add-in

For more help with the task pane add-in, click here! 

John Farmer
John Farmer

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