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General Enhancements


Touch-based interactions

Easily interact with the SOLIDWORKS 2018 interface using a touch-enabled device with the new Touch Mode.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 - Touch based interactions tutorial

Sketching Enhancements


Pen, touch and gesture-based sketching

Quickly draw rough shapes and let SOLIDWORKS approximate and generate it automatically with the new Touch Ink tools.

SOLIDWORKS Pen, touch and gesture based sketching tutorial

Part Design Enhancements


Creating surfaces from mesh geometry

Easily rebuilt imported meshes and quickly generate surfaces with the new Surface from Mesh tool in SOLIDWORKS 2018.

SOLIDWORKS Surfaces from mesh geometry tutorial

Assembly Design Enhancements


Allowing misaligned mates

Eliminate troublesome errors and gain more control over your designs with the Misaligned Mates tool.

SOLIDWORKS Misaligned mates tutorial

Drawings and Detailing Enhancements


Adding broken out Section Views to existing drawings

Easily add broken-out section views so you can add much greater detail to your drawings.

SOLIDWORKS broken out section views tutorial

Sheet Metal Enhancements


New Tab and Slot feature

Create patterns of repeating tabs and slots in your sheet metal parts without needing to create cut features or additional sketches.

SOLIDWORKS Tab and slot tutorial

Weldments Enhancements


Linking a cut list folder to properties

Show which cut list folder an element is in by creating a custom property that references and displays the folder name. Use this custom property in the BOM, notes, or sheet formats.

SOLIDWORKS linking a cut list folder to properties tutorial

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