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Enhance Your Design Skills Anytime, Anywhere

Learning how to efficiently navigate Revit, Inventor, Sketchup, and more just got easier! SolidProfessor’s unique online CAD, CAM, and BIM tutorials are now available to Project Lead The Way (PLTW) teachers to ensure your design skills are honed to perfection. Get started by following the instructions below. Happy learning!

Complete Your Core Training Prerequisites

As the Official Training Partner for PLTW, SolidProfessor is providing mandatory prerequisite training that must be completed prior to Core Training for the following:

To access the training for these courses, simply click the title above. Then, log in to your PLTW account as prompted and you’ll unlock the SolidProfessor course. You must watch each video in the course and take the Review Test at the end.

Explore Our Library of CAD, CAM, BIM Training

As a PLTW teacher, you also have access to SolidProfessor’s full Library of online CAD, CAM, BIM, and engineering methods training programs which includes:

  • 5,000 individual lessons
  • 801 total hours of content
  • 120 unique courses
  • 105 technical certificates
  • 23 software titles represented
  • 8 certification preparation courses

To start brushing up your skills, click this unique link. Then, you’ll either be prompted to log in to your PLTW account or, if you’re already logged in, you’ll be redirected to the SolidProfessor Course Library page.

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“Through PLTW and SolidProfessor, our curriculum is able to work for students who just want to try out engineering and for those who want to pursue it at the next level.” — Cliff Greer, PLTW Master Teacher