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Empower your team

Help your team become more efficient by closing knowledge gaps and providing them with a resource to answer the questions that come up during their day-to-day work.

SolidProfessor for Teams
  • Assign lessons & measure skills improvement
  • Reduce design cycle time
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Rapidly onboard new team members
  • Implement advanced software capabilities
  • Eliminate design errors

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“One big benefit of the SolidProfessor library is that the training extends beyond just SolidWorks, covering the breadth of add-ins, CAM packages, and other engineering software tools that my organization uses during our product design processes.”

View Case Study >>Drew Adams, Orbus Exhibit & Display Group

“I started using SolidProfessor personally, and when I grew into the CAD admin role, I knew that my team would benefit from having the same resource. Working with up to a hundred engineers that interact with SOLIDWORKS, it’s really almost impossible to set up continuous training without a resource to help.”

View Case Study >>Adrian Velazquez, Dexcom

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