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How to Use Grants to Fund Your SolidProfessor School Membership

Purchasing a SolidProfessor School Membership doesn’t have to break your budget. With just a grant or two you can easily cover the cost of membership. This page is your go-to guide for finding, winning, and using funding to purchase SolidProfessor for your school or district.

How to find technology grants for schools

Sometimes, the hardest part of the grant process is finding the right one for your needs. So, we’ve curated this robust list of technology grants, STEM grants, and government funding that you can use to purchase a SolidProfessor School Membership.

Comprehensive list of technology grants

These privately and federally funded technology grants are open to most schools across the country. They provide funding for career readiness initiatives, certification prep, new ed-tech, and additional categories that SolidProfessor qualifies for.

Federal funding for schools

Federal funding is often the most difficult and time-consuming to figure out. But the pay-off at the end is huge! These are some of the most recognizable federal funds that you can use to pay for your SolidProfessor Membership.

The largest federal aid program for public schools, Title I provides funding to schools that have a high percentage of low-income students. The federal government disburses funds based on student enrollment, the percentage of students using the free and reduced lunch program, and other factors.

SolidProfessor qualifies for Title I by helping struggling students quickly get up-to-speed in key engineering and architectural courses.

Title II provides federal funding for programs that improve teaching and leadership through professional development opportunities at the state and district levels. This funding is designed to increase student outcomes by providing professional development programs to teachers.

SolidProfessor qualifies for Title II as it’s an incredibly cost-effective way to provide teachers with online computer-aided design training.

The Carl D. Perkins Act is the primary source of funding for career and technical education (CTE) programs for high schools, colleges, and universities. The Perkins Act focuses on preparing students for jobs in local and regional economies, with a strong emphasis on high-skill and middle-skill jobs.

The Carl D. Perkins Act was made for programs like SolidProfessor that give students applicable, industry-ready skills and credentials.

Local funding and grants for schools

When searching for technology grants or other grants for schools, applying for state or local funding is probably your best bet. There will be fewer organizations competing for that funding, and the review board will likely be more in touch with the local issues you’re facing. Here are our current state-specific grants guides:

Grants for private schools

While most grants are earmarked for public schools, there are still plenty of tech grants and other grants for schools that private organizations can leverage to purchase a SolidProfessor School Membership. Here are a few places to start:

Professional development grants for teachers

As the Official Training Partner of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), SolidProfessor is the industry-recognized online platform for helping educators like you get their engineering and architectural design skills up-to-speed quickly and cost-effectively. If you want to use SolidProfessor for professional development — and it’s not being covered by Title II — these professional development grants can help.

How to write winning grant proposals

While every technology grant or grant for education will have its own set of rules and criteria, the key elements will remain fairly consistent. Here’s a high-level overview of the steps you’ll need to take to start writing a winning grant proposal:

  • Reach out to the main contact from the funding source (unless the instructions explicitly state otherwise). In many cases, the grant contact can give you extra information, and it helps to be in touch with someone who can answer your questions.
  • Get all key stakeholders on board, such as your principal, administrative office, fellow teachers, and whoever else will need to sign off on the grant proposal.
  • Gather all the materials needed for writing your grant proposal, including budgetary information, a copy of your school’s most recent financial audit or tax return, related research that supports your case, baseline numbers on how your class is currently performing, projections on how they will perform after the implementation of your new program, and how you will track those outcomes.
  • Create an outline of your proposal. Map out what information you’ll cover and where you’ll talk about it.
  • Embrace the editing process; your first draft will not be your final product ! Make sure multiple people proofread your grant proposal.
  • Submit your proposal before the deadline and follow up with your contact at the end of the process for feedback on your application.

How to bring SolidProfessor’s online learning platform to your school

In addition to using local, state, and national grants to purchase SolidProfessor, you can also bring our online learning platform to your school through certification reimbursements and SolidProfessor’s Technology Grant Program.

Get students certified and receive reimbursement

About one third of states in the U.S. offer schools monetary incentives for getting their students certified in SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, and more.

At SolidProfessor, helping students get certified in CAD, CAM, and BIM software is core to what we do. Our industry-leading certification prep courses will help prepare each of your students to pass one of these rigorous certification exams. Not only will they be better equipped to enter into college or a career, but your school could receive reimbursement from your state, too. So, your SolidProfessor Membership pays for itself.

Take advantage of the SolidProfessor Technology Grant program

At SolidProfessor, we believe that every school — regardless of their financial situation — should have access to high-quality engineering and architectural design education to prepare students for college and careers. So, we started our Technology Grant program for schools, which discounts SolidProfessor School Memberships at up to 90% off the commercial price. Every school qualifies!

To learn more about our Technology Grant program, complete this short form and schedule a 30-minute phone call with an academic product specialist so we can get a better idea of your needs and goals.

FAQs about technology grants and STEM grants

Technology grants provide funding to help schools purchase new classroom technology that will improve student outcomes and prepare them for future careers. The grant provider might have specific types of technology that they fund or they might specify the outcomes the grant funding must produce. Either way, technology grants focus on connecting schools with the tech they need to help students succeed.
A large number of schools use technology grants and other external funding opportunities to purchase technology for their school. Federal agencies give over $500 billion each year in grants to schools, making them the largest source of educational funding. Additionally, state agencies and private organizations will provide technology grants for schools. Check out the opportunities we’ve listed above!
Title II funds are primarily used to provide professional development for teachers and staff members. Usually Title II covers ongoing, continuous learning efforts that help teachers better understand the subjects they’re teaching as well as new strategies for improving student outcomes.
If your school is interested in obtaining grant money, the first step is to really iron out what exactly you’ll be using that funding for. From there, you can start to search for grants that fund projects, iniativites, or equipment like yours. When you find a few grants that will support your needs, start compiling all necessary information like your school budget, latest tax statement, desired student outcomes, and more. Grant providers will typically award money to the project that’s the most thought-out and closely matches their mission and vision.
Educational grants are sums of money given to schools or other educational entities to fund specific programs or initiatives. Federal and state agencies provide educational grants, as well as non-profits and private organizations.
There are countless grants available for teachers’ professional development. Some of the most popular include Fund for Teachers, NEA Learning and Leadership Grants, Voya Unsung Heroes Grant, and much more. For the full list, visit our post “13 Professional Development Grants for Teachers.

Ready to learn more about SolidProfessor’s Technology Grant program?