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The best training for engineering teams doesn’t happen in the classroom.

It happens when and where you need it.

Improve performance and stay innovative with the online learning platform for engineering design teams.

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Empower your team to innovate

As an engineer, you know the industry is always evolving. Between the rapid pace of innovation and increasing demand for faster, more accurate, and complex product designs, your engineering team needs the right tools to keep pace with the industry and push ahead of competitors.

At SolidProfessor, we believe that online learning platforms are one of the most essential tools for the future of engineering. And that’s why we created one for engineering design teams.

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Engineering course Library with 5,000+ video lessons
Guided Learning Paths and Technical Certificates
A wide range of CAD, CAM, BIM, and theory tutorials
Customizable training programs and assignments
Admin dashboard with progress tracking and reporting
Dedicated onboarding and success support
Knowledge capture for harnessing tribal wisdom

Go to market faster with reduced design cycles

With 5,000+ on-demand video lessons, your engineers will be confident designing faster with improved accuracy and minimal disruption.

Build a future-proof engineering workforce

Stay ahead of the curve by equipping your engineering team with the knowledge to confidently lead and innovate in Industry 4.0 when key employees retire.

Maximize ROI on your software investment

Discover how to use your CAD, CAM, and/or BIM software to the fullest by training for advanced skills, software certifications, and annual updates.

Identify and eliminate skills gaps

Assign courses and track progress for greater transparency in your team’s CAD skills. Then, customize a training program in the platform to close those skill gaps.

Preserve your team's valuable tribal wisdom in our online platform and incorporate it into a custom training program.

Transform your engineering training

Why You Should Have a Training Budget

And why online learning should be part of it It’s nearing the end of the year, so it’s very likely that your department is talking about the budget.

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Transform Your Team with Tacit Knowledge You Already Have

The Critical Role of Tacit Knowledge in Knowledge Management You’ve likely heard of knowledge management as a discipline in the business world.

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Continuous Learning: Full Participation is Key

The key to your company’s continuous learning is dependent upon full participation from leadership-- without this buy-in, your program is destined to fail.

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