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Online learning for engineering teams

In the rapidly evolving world of engineering and manufacturing, the key to keeping your team competitive is continuous learning and ongoing training.

Discover how SolidProfessor can help your team stay ahead of the competition with online training.

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Empower your team to excel

Giving your team the right e-learning and training tools to transform your business

Go to market faster with reduced design cycles

Watch your team produce better designs faster and with more accuracy as they hone their skills with on-demand, searchable tutorials.

Close skills gaps to work more efficiently

Create comprehensive, custom training programs by capturing tribal knowledge and combining that with expert-lead online training courses.

Maximize ROI on your software investment

Implement the advanced capabilities of your software to create more accurate and complex designs as you master your tools.

Build a future-proof workforce

Allow your employees to evolve and build their skills with continuously updated training courses and certifications covering the latest tools and techniques.

The tools you need to succeed

5,000+ interactive, video lessons
Knowledge Capture
Skills assessment tests
Practice & guided exercises
Continuous updates & releases
Fundamental theory courses
SolidProfessor Technical Certificates
Software certification prep
Course review tests
Completion & engagement reporting
Course & lesson assignments
And more...

Preserve your team's valuable tribal wisdom in our online platform and incorporate it into a custom training program.

Take it from our members

Providing On-demand Training for Multiple Locations

With SolidProfessor, Gentex's teams are retaining important engineering concepts and techniques, saving valuable hours of productivity, and increasing efficiency ...

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Dexcom Stays Current with SOLIDWORKS Video Training

Hundreds of Dexcom engineers interact with SOLIDWORKS and SolidProfessor gives them the online continuous training resource they need to be successful ...

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Standardizing SOLIDWORKS Design Skills and Practices

Andy Payne, CAD Administrator at AccuTemp, adopted SolidProfessor to standardize design skills and practices while raising the bar across his team ...

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Empower your team with SolidProfessor

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