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Our Technology Grant Program provides schools and universities with an opportunity to leverage industry-leading curriculum and training material at only a fraction of the commercial price.

SolidProfessor for Schools
  • Extensive library of software titles & topics
  • Clear, concise videos and interactive lessons
  • Students can learn from any device, on demand
  • Create curriculums by class
  • Works with your learning management system
  • Prepare students for industry certifications

Don’t let your budget hold you back

“When students are trying to get internships or work in the industry, they need to feel prepared for that environment. With SolidProfessor, I’m able to introduce a little bit of it in class but get straight into the application and how we apply theory, like finite element analysis. I can get into the harder subjects while leaving the functionality and the tools for students to learn at home.”

View Case Study >>Karcher Morris, UC San Diego

“The topics are broken into manageable chunks allowing students to do a lesson, go off and have lunch, and come back and do another lesson. My students have found that it’s not as intimidating as a textbook. Old-fashioned textbooks are not what students are used to, textbooks aren’t user-friendly, and my students are comfortable with technology.”

View Case Study >>Kevin Finan, Atlantic Technical College

“I wish I had SolidProfessor for all my classes.”

View Case Study >>Ethan Rejto, University of Colorado Boulder

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