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About Us

Your learning experience is everything

We do things differently

Rather than thinking of training as a one-time event, we aim to create a culture of continuous learning by empowering engineers and designers to take full control of honing their knowledge and skills. We have built a number of features into SolidProfessor to help make this possible.

Clear, concise, on-demand lessons
Robust search to find answers quickly
New courses & updates released continuously
Built-in progress tracking to measure improvement
Technical certificates to demonstrate your expertise

Core Purpose

To help people innovate

Our Values


We put forth our best effort in order to meet our own high expectations as well as those of our colleagues and our members. We embrace teamwork as a means of achieving excellence.


We’re open to new ideas and experimentation. We’re excited by the opportunity to deliver innovative solutions to our members’ challenges and evolving needs.


We communicate candidly but respectfully in order to share ideas, nurture creativity, and solve problems as a team. We always respect our colleagues, members, and partners.


We take ownership of our domain. We take initiative, act on opportunities, learn from our successes and our failures. We take on challenges that push us beyond our comfort zone, and we encourage each other to do the same. We’re accountable.

Our Vision

Be indispensable to the world's most innovative product development teams