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Helping you educate the next generation of engineers, architects, and manufacturers

7,500+ Online Video Lessons

Teach with ease during distance learning, add more online learning to your classroom, and much more. No download required — all you need is a WiFi connection.

Courses That Students Love

Assign your students our bite-sized video lessons, projects, and quizzes and make learning CAD, CAM, and BIM software engaging for students of all ages.

Ongoing Technical Support

The SolidProfessor Customer Success Team will guide you through the onboarding process and help you achieve your goals for your students.

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K-12 Schools

Self-paced Learning and Certification Preparation

Through our on-demand videos and courses, students can gain expert-level skills at their own pace. Plus, our certification preparation courses ensure that students of all levels are equipped to earn an industry certification.

higher education

Career-Readiness and Efficient Classrooms

Running out of class time to teach all those important skills? We’ve got your back. Our online training is concise and industry-approved to ensure your students quickly gain the knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce.

SolidProfessor’s Academic Partnerships

We've partnered with some of the top companies in education and engineering design to provide even more value for our members. Request a demo to learn more.
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CTE Directors & Administrators

In-demand Skills and Data Tracking

SolidProfessor’s online Dashboard gives you visibility into students’ key performance metrics like Technical Certificates earned, scores on review exams, and much more. Quickly reference the Dashboard to ensure students are meeting state and federal requirements.

Whether you’re continuing distance learning or you’re back in the classroom, SolidProfessor will help you keep your students’ progress on track.