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Letting Students Learn at Their Own Pace

Sep 26 2015

“SolidProfessor resources allow all of our students to fully learn the material at their own pace” – John Larson


John Larson, a professor at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), uses SolidProfessor to help students learn by playing. He makes the most out of class time by leveling the playing field so that the more advanced students can go beyond the curriculum, while the slower students have the resources they need to get up to speed at their own pace.


“The first challenge is that the kids do not like to read anything. I was doing a survey in one of my classes, and I asked them as part of the survey how many of them read the assigned reading before they came to class. I found out that only 5% did. I thought SolidProfessor’s online-based learning would solve the problem, since students like to learn by playing with their phone, computer, etc.

“We can only cover so much in class. We are jamming a lot of content into three quarter classes, and we can’t cover everything. I thought that SolidProfessor would be a great vehicle students could use to learn about the various topics we cover very little of, if at all, in the classes.”


“SolidProfessor really levels the playing field; students at the average level and up use SolidProfessor to go beyond where they are able to go with just the course requirements, while the students who are struggling use SolidProfessor for the extra support they need. In any class, there are varying levels of experience with the material; some are pretty much ready to go right off the bat, while other less experienced students can really bog your class down with questions. If you have 90% of the questions coming from just 10% of the students, that is not a good situation. SolidProfessor lets us help 10% of students be better prepared so we do not spend as much class time focusing on just those 10% of students.”


“I did some research online and SolidProfessor seemed like the obvious choice. One of the things that I like about it is the repeatable online tutorials the students can go through. We also use some of SolidProfessor’s content as assigned course material and use some as extra credit assignments. These SolidProfessor resources allow all of our students to fully learn the material at their own pace.”

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John Farmer
John Farmer

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John Farmer

SolidProfessor Digital Marketing Manager and keeper of Rahn, the office dog.