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Master the language of GD&T

Learn geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) techniques with this 9-part email series featuring lessons from our new GD&T courses.

Lay the proper foundation

Begin with the basics and learn how to effectively communicate the functional intent of your designs with the first three videos.

  • Datum Introduction
  • Datums on Drawings
  • Theoretical Datums vs Datum Features
GD&T Tutorial - Datums on Drawings

Build on your knowledge

Learn to quickly assess whether your engineering drawings and designs meet specific tolerances as you explore GD&T symbols in the second section.

  • Surface Flatness Overview
  • Flatness Drawing Callout, Tolerance Zone, & Uses
  • Key Notes on Flatness
GD&T Tutorial - Surface Flatness

Take control of your designs

Finally, control the form and orientation and assure the functionality and stability of your designs by applying position tolerances.

  • Position Overview & Drawing Requirements
  • What Position Means & Example
  • Position Drawing Callout & Tolerance Zone
GD&T Tutorial - Position tolerance zone

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